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Hay Guy's & Ladies!

The "Clare Champion Newspaper" have published another poem of mine "Evanescence" in this week's paper.

This is my second poetry publication now, I couldn't be happier! It's really giving me the boost of confidence I need to get off my ass and try write more and longer poems.

I hope you like it because hopefully there will be more to come :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Interview with Writer/Artist Dean Fenech and a short Review of his Comic "Apocalypse Rocked"

Review and Interview with Dean Fenech, Creator of Apocalypse Rocked
Format: Running Series (Available both in print and digital format) - Issues #1 and #2.
Full Colour
Created By Dean Fenech
Cover Art by Dean Fenech
And Stefan Agius
Forward By Chris Le Galle
Rated: T+

I was kindly asked by the talented Mr. Dean Fenech to review his comic book "Apocalypse Rocked" and it was a great honor!
Issue 1

Apocalypse Rocked was an intriguingly mad roller-coaster ride and a really different read. It has a very original story line that I have never seen before except for maybe in the movies.

It's a story about a group of superhero rock stars in a post-apocalyptic world where a virus has hit Africa soon spreading out across the entire earth, leading to everywhere turning to chaos. There are women being raped and murdered in alleyways and peoples ears are bleeding from listening to what some people call music...Rap! The story slowly evolves from issue to issue but I found this was a great way to get to know the characters more. Issue two was great, I had a lot of fun reading it when Dean introduced the female rock lead singer "Erica Tonika" and her band "Sweet Toxin" because the dialogue got way funnier and more interesting due to her extremely cocky personality.

Issue 2
During my reading of the first issue I noticed an homage to Jack Kirby's Captain America and his super soldier serum which really made me smile. That's something I really liked about this series, you can get to know the writer a little as each page goes by, I could see many influences from Guns n' roses, Kevin Smith, Batman and more.

I found the art really interesting because I got a manga feel from it, but it's actually Americanized comic book art. I felt that some of the panel work lacked in originality and the proportions and composition were a bit off, but overall the art was very eye catching and different and it complements the dialogue nicely.

Being a Rocker myself who just so happens to also appreciate a good comic book, I have to give this series a 4/5 because it was relative and satisfying to my own personal taste.


Charlene: Hi Dean, I have read both issues of your comic book series which I enjoyed very much. How did you get involved in comic books?

Dean: I've always drawn. My mum says I could draw a recognizable Superman when I was 2. But I got started with the old Max Fleischer Superman cartoons. Same with the Ninja turtles and all the 90s Marvel comic cartoon series too. So my passion for these characters started from TV and movies. Then I found out they came from comics and that's where the obsession began.

C: What kind of books would we find on your bookshelf?

D: A mix between graphic novels, academic books (mostly social studies related as I'm a Social Studies teacher and history books) and Autobiographies.

C: With you being both writer and artist, how do you plan and structure your work load?

D: I usually think of the story first, writing it mentally in my mind. Then when I've plugged up all the plot holes I write the script which is a fairly quick process as I love writing dialogue. Then I start character designing. Sometimes I know exactly how the character should look as I based him on someone, other times I have to work on them for a while. Then I draw the first drafts of the page layouts as very rough drawings. Then goes the pencil work and inking which I do by hand. I scan all the pages, color them with Photoshop and add the lettering.

C: Can you tell us a bit about the origin of Apocalypse Rocked?

D: A friend of mine, Stefan Agius (he colored my inks for the front cover) kept bugging me to go to a meeting with his friends that were organizing the first ever Comic book convention in Malta. So to shut him up I agreed to go to one meeting. They knew that if I met the organizers, I would have to agree to be part of it. I meet a bunch of like minded geeks (that's a compliment) that like everything I like (at the time I had a trailer of Kevin Smith's "Clerks" on my mobile just so I could show people what I bloody hell was talking about, and they loved Kevin Smith, which is instant cool points in my book). We instantly hit it off and I decided, then and there, that I was going to be part of the Malta Comic con. During this destined meeting they urged me to start my own comic. At the time I had the basic elements of "Apocalypse Rocked" in my head (rock stars that are super heroes in a post-Apocalyptic future) so I told them I would have the first issue ready for the comic con (which was held in October 09). I finished a black and white version of issue 1 about 4 hours before the comic con began. Everyone really liked it, they laughed in all the right places, wanted to buy it and was angry that it ended with "to be continued" as they wanted to know how it ended. This really encouraged me and made me think that I should actually sell it. So after the comic con, I spent a few months coloring it and finished on Easter 2010. Everyone loved it. So I started issue 2. After I finished issue two I decided to publish Issue 1 and 2 together as they felt like one story. The rest is history.

C: There is a lot of conflict between artists these days over the Digital means of creating art as opposed to using the good old fashioned pencil. What made you choose the more modern Digital approach?

D: As I have already mentioned I do all my pencil and ink work manually. I've tried inking with a tablet but it felt too "unnatural" to me so I went back to the traditional means. Coloring is a different story. I like the digital feel of digital coloring. I like how they complement each other (best seen in Jim Lee's work in my opinion). So I only color digitally. And coloring digitally saves more time (no waiting for paints to dry) and is less messy. It's just easier for me.

C: I felt reading both issues, that you were influenced by some of the Rock and Roll legends such as Axl Rose and the madness that he portrays on stage, but can you tell us who your other major influences were during the process of making Apocalypse rocked?

D: The first part of the story is basically a rock band's biography (before the twist) which was mainly influenced by the autobiographies and documentaries I read and watch about my favorite rock bands (especially Guns n Roses and their early years). The lead singer, Bronzer, for sure has some Axl in him but he is also influenced by many others such as Russell Brand, Jim Morrison and a bit of Freddie Mercury too. All the madness packed into one. Other influences for sure are TV and movies. There's a whole Batman reference (or tribute if you will) in the story too. The whole virus/post-apocalyptic feel was influenced by a New Zealand TV show called "The Tribe". It's set in a near-future in which all adults have been wiped out by a deadly virus, leaving the children of the world to fend for themselves. The show's focus is on an unnamed city inhabited by tribes of children and teenagers.

C: Who is your favorite character from the story and why?

D: Ah now this is a tricky one. My favorite is probably Dean Starr for obvious reasons. He is based on myself. That's why he is the narrator; he is my voice, my alter-ego. Maybe what I wish to be sometimes. That's why he gets all the best jokes. But all the characters have bits of me in them I guess. Or else they say things I wish I can say to people in real life. Erika Tonika is also a favorite of mine. She is my leading lady and is based on a few women I know (or knew) in real life. She's really going to come into her own in the next issue. There is going to be one particular scene that she's in, in Part 2, which is probably my best writing to date. It's a very personal and emotional scene.

C: Looking back at the finalized piece of Apocalypse Rocked, is it what you imagined it to be from the beginning?

D: Oh very much so. There are certain pages I would change (some of the first few pages, I was still rusty. I was out of drawing comics for a while when I began AP). But as a whole I love how it came out and people who have seen and read the final product seem to agree with me too.

C: Did you come across any obstacles during the making of Apocalypse Rocked?

D: In the creative part no. I had a clear vision of what I wanted. I might have had some problems with some of the accents of certain characters (but I had friends that helped me with that). The real problems came afterwards with all the publishing issues (in fact I opted to self-publish), printing of the book, distribution, etc.

C: Can you tell us anything about the third installment of the series?

D: Part two is going to have the same format as Part one, as in it is going to have two chapters (or issues as I call them). The first issue (issue 3) is going to be about the guys' dual roles as rock stars and superheroes, further development of the "girls" and their relationships and the bad guys gaining power and scheming. There is also going to be more deaths within the group. For issue 4... let's just say it's going to be "civil war" (a Guns n Roses AND comic pun... a double whammy)

C: If you could have any super power or be any superhero who or what would it be?

D: Batman that can turn invisible and fly... time travel would be cool too. In fact the next story I'm doing after Apocalypse Rocked is a time travel story called "The boy who saved Rock n Roll" (the Marty Mcfly style of time travel not the Hiro Nakamura - from Heroes - style of time travel).

C: Is there any advice you can give to struggling artists out there?

D: Keep on practicing. If there is an area that you don't feel comfortable with, then practice until you can't anymore and then practice some more. Another suggestion is to show your work to people who aren't going to tell you how good you are but to people who will give you an honest, informed opinion and this goes for both drawing and writing.

Thanks Dean for taking the time to do this interview!

Dean is an Australian born Artist who immigrated to Malta in 1994 where in 2008 he graduated from the University of Malta with a B.A in Art and Social Studies.
To find out more about Dean or to check out Apocalypse Rocked for yourself, kindly give his website a look, at

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Interview with Artist Anthony O'Neill

Anthony O'Neill
I have read both issues about 3 times each now. Mike Lynch and Martin Greene, the brains behind the book did exceptionally well, especially being Greene's first publication. Issue #2 offers us more clarity of the story and we really get to see who Nestor really is as a person and how he goes from pacifist to murderer in one night and how this effects him within.

Anthony O'Neill really brought darkness, mood and gore to this issue with his highly detailed illustrations, He has great flow and an amazing talent for telling a story through his art. While MC Callans art suited the first issue, I think the writer's chose well taking on O'Neill as the artist for issue #2. He can do horror unbelievably well without much effort and He really brings out the emotion in Nestor, Lusk and Sara.

You can now buy Nestor #1 and #2 in Ennis bookstore Ennis Co. Clare, Forbidden Planet Dublin and Hollywood Hits Kilrush for a very reasonable price of only 3.50
Anthony O'Neill is a new up and coming Irish comic book illustrator. Originally from Dublin, Anthony is now a part time hard working Co. Clare based artist in which he mainly works for Ennis based writer's Mike Lynch and Martin Greene of the new comic firm aimed at mature readers; ABANDONED-COMICS.

C: Hi Anthony, thanks for taking the time to do this interview. I recently read both issues of Nestor, which by all means was fantastic! Can you tell us a bit about your issue?

A: Hi Charlene thanks so much for having me, NESTOR is the new four star (as rated by SFX comic-heroes magazine) two part comic book written by Abandoned-comics; Mike Lynch and Martin Greene. The story is set in the fair city of Dublin, in the first issue which was illustrated masterfully by the great Paul MC Callan, Nestor the main character does his best to blend in with normal every day society. Nestor watches old movies, works in a grocery store and enjoys hanging out with his friend in his local bar. Then one night this all changes when the woman he loves is murdered in their home by a gang of Villainous Thugs. The tale progresses onto the second part which was illustrated by myself, in this part of the story Nestor seeks revenge and is forced to unleash a monster that he thought he had sealed away centuries ago, revealing himself as a vampire.

C: How did you get involved in Nestor?

A: Iv been drawing ever since the age that i could hold a pencil, and iv been reading comics and graphic novels for almost the same amount of time, thanks to this i have formed an almost unhealthy addiction to idly scribbling away whenever i should be doing something Else. One day i was sitting in work buried in a random sketch, when suddenly a girl came over to me and told me that two of her friends were putting a comic book together but needed an illustrator to come on board. Now i have to mention here that although i have been drawing my whole life iv never really had all that much faith in my own work, for whatever reason the dream of being a comic book illustrator just seemed insanely too far out of reach. I eventually met up with Mike Lynch and Martin Greene and it was like a match made in nerd heaven. Mike and Martin the ABANDONED-BROTHERS were so down to earth they were completely awesome, our mind sets were perfectly contrasted and yet so much alike, we began to work together immediately on a short story called "good boy" which was for a world war one anthology called wire and gas, when we wrapped that all up we had another meeting were the lads explained to me that they had a full story with a much larger scope, that they would like me to illustrate, needless to say i was more than happy to continue my work with them and i jumped at the chance of this was once in a lifetime dream come true, this was the beginning of NESTOR.

C: You have been into comic books your whole life. Which comic book story or series inspired you most growing up? Was it this story that inspired you to become a comic book illustrator?

A: As a young kid i loved Saturday morning cartoons i could never get enough, i loved the likes of he-man the thundercats, TMNT(it was actually TMHT back then) and Bruce Tim's batman but what really sparked my senses were Spiderman, Hulk, the x-men, iron man and the fantastic four marvel was my haven and i practically lived for those shows growing up. As the years went on i found myself copying the characters straight from the television, i used to make up my own costumes and stories and even creating my own heroes, but it wasn't until my uncle Paul came to me at the age of about 7 or 8 and explained to me about how these marvel characters that i adored so much from their respective TV shows, were actually recreations of something even bigger, that my sense's truly flared. My uncle gave me a book, it was a marvel annual with tons of the original number 1's in it. Since that day, thanks to Stan the man Jack Kirby Joe Simon and of course my uncle Paul (to whom i owe so much) i feel as though i haven't been able to close my eyes, i wanted everything, every single book i could find, and i wanted to draw it all. The one book that changed every fiber of my soul though, the one the made me say i NEED to be doing this as a living was; The ultimates by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch. The ultimates was every fan boy's dream, a nostalgic homage to the great originals, yet still making the content of the story his own, and all done with the greatest team up of all time, Marks genius bled out of this story and tattooed itself permanently onto my subconscious and who better to draw such and intense epic than the mighty Bryan Hitch, these were not simply comic panels these were deeply orchestrated notes of music flowing from one scene to the next with perfect ease, the action, the drama, the detail my eyes were on fire and i knew then and there that i had to try this for myself.

C: I have researched some of your art on your blog and I came across your "green Arrow" image, which displays a lot of foreshortening and perspective work, have you received any training or guidance regarding your illustration throughout the years?

A: No unfortunately i have received no training what so ever, as i mentioned before i have an awful habit of scribbling when i should be paying attention, so even my academic education felt the consequences of my ignorance and i failed to progress onto college, this is a fact that i have always regretted and at the moment i am actually doing my best to remedy. Any knowledge i have regarding my foreshortening or perspective techniques all comes from books and web sites, I'm completely one hundred per cent self taught, but i have never regarded this as an admirable quality en fact its completely the contrary i always wondered how good my work could have been had i focused just that small bit more. Luckily though i have been blessed enough to have a large supportive group of family and friends who have always been there to help guide and push me along the way.

C: Who do you aspire to be like?

A: My aspirations as a comic book artist change all the time, growing up all i ever wanted was to be like Jack Kirby his art was like a drug to me i just couldn't get enough of it, his captain America was like sheer opium, over the years more equally awesome artists came on board like Lee Bermejo, Adi Granov, Simon Bianchi, Alex Ross and Steve MC Niven but the one name that shines like a mighty beacon of sequential greatness above all others for me is and will always be Bryan Hitch, Bryan draws with the heart of poet and the stroke of a composer every line is infused with love and care, and his sequential work is just completely unparalleled. In saying all of that though I hate to use the word influence because the word Influence gives the impression that I'm trying to imitate the masters that i love so much (and i could never do that) for me the most important thing VISUALLY has always been to achieve comprehension while still creating a unique visual style that is dynamic and instantly recognisable.

C: If you could have any super power, what would it be?

A: This is probably the simplest question for me to answer so far because this is something i think about every day. I actually happen to suffer from a very mild case of claustrophobia even if i spend too much time sitting on a compact bus or a train i can become extremely irritated and depressed. When i was young i remember watching Christopher reeve playing superman for the first time, i watched that final scene were he sours past the curvature of the earth into all that open endless space, he stares through the television set right into your eyes and with one simple smile your right there with him, for one simple moment all of the earths tangible gravity and all the shackles of the physical world fall away, but then suddenly... he passes out of view, leaving you behind, only to dream of that amazing impossibility. All my life i have been obsessed with the freedom of flight and if i could have only one power although i am choosing it for extremely selfish purposes, it would most definitely have to be flight.

C: you have a favorite band or musician that you prefer to listen to when you are working on a project?

A: That's such an interesting original questionDo . Yes i love to listen to music while i draw, my favourite band above any other is HIM, their front man ville valo is a complete and utter genius, his thought provoking lyrics bring you back to the great eighty's style of rock, but without getting so nostalgic as to sacrifice creativity, the whimsical melancholy of his vocals coupled with the talent of his incredible band are just so unique that they stand alone above any of the conformative styles you hear today, but sometimes HIM as insanely amazing as they all are, are sometimes just not the right tone to invoke that drive you might need to finish off a piece. I remember when i was doing a short story for UPROAR-COMICS Zombies-hi! Issue six Which was written again by the masterful Mike Lynch called "the hiest" there was a final scene were a group of thieves are locked into a bank vault with a horde of hungry zombies on the other side of the door, as i read Mike Lynch's script the feeling of claustrophobia overwhelmed me, but i also had this intense pulse of urgency, and i wanted to try and put all of this onto the page. So after a few flicks threw my CD collection i was blaring the likes of tool, rob zombie, Marilyn Manson and tons of other black metal tracks of the goth persuasion and id like to think it helped allot (maybe my neighbors weren't that happy but it got the job done in the end)

C: Are you working on any projects at the moment?

A:Right now i am working on two separate pieces, one is the second part of a story that was again done by the amazing Abandoned brothers Mike Lynch and Martin Greene called Salvage which is going to be absolutely insane, i cant tell you guys any more about it other than it is going to be amazingly diverse and grippingly appealing to anyone who grew up loving Ridley Scott. Second is something that i cooked up myself and Mike Lynch was fantastic enough to back me up on it with an excellent script, its mainly a promotional type piece but its also still sequential, i have high hopes for this but because of its small size and the unique nature of this story i have to play it pretty close to the chest so unfortunately again i cant say too much other than keep your ear to the ground and your eyes fixed on abandoned-comics website

C: If you could pick any writer to collaborate with, who would it be?
A: Right now i am having one hell of a time with Abandoned-comics writers Mike Lynch and Martin Greene and i would like to remain with this immensely fantastic team and do my part to help the world see how amazing they are for as long as they will have me, at the same time ever since i was a child i have wanted to work in the mainstream and obviously i would love this to be my nine to five so that every ounce of my time can be spent doing it, so if i ever was to get that big break and managed to be noticed by one of the colossal names of the mainstream i would have to say that i would hope that, that name would be Mark Millar.

C: Your previous work with Abandoned Comics (Nestor) and Uproar Comics (Zombies Hi #6) show strong interests in horror, is this the genre you hope to stick with during your art career?

A: You know although known for my contributions to the horror genre it was never actually my initial intention. My greatest comic book love regarding genre has always been for the hero story, I'm a huge fan of the true blue heroes such as superman, captain America and spiderman i love the idea of someone being so far beyond the average understanding of goodness and yet being so blind to how amazingly inspirational that actually is. Don't get me wrong iv had my fare share of the anti heroes too like punisher or spawn but for me growing up it always just seemed too easy, in regards to the story's enjoyment and depth to deal with a threat through murder, rather than finding an alternative route, I'm not saying I'm a pacifist or anything like that there is a place in comics for violent ends, but i just always felt that the feeling of inspiration and responsibility that you get from a hero, out ways that of a bullet any day. I'm loving doing the horror stuff and ill always enjoy drawing monsters, but i hope one day someone will throw my inner child a bone, and let me try my hand at drawing a character that could make someone Else feel, how i felt as a child, when i looked upon those pages; as if i could simply be more than someone who only cared for themselves.

C: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A:I was asked this question recently on another interview so ill cut a corner here and answer it the same as i did then: Iv never really been one to try and look too far ahead, i try to focus on the here and now and at the moment i am having the time of my life with Abandoned-comics, so Where do i see my self in 5 years time? Who knows but Where would i like to be in 5 years time? Doing exactly what I'm doing now. Thanks for having me and i hope i didn't ramble on too much take care true believers toodle pip :)

You can catch Anthony on Twitter @Antoluke616, and if you like what you have seen here then you can visit his blog:

You can also find many pin-up pieces that he has done for the Irish comic book site

You may also find the Writer Mike Lynch of Nestor on Twitter @NestorComic

You can Vote for Nestor for Best Irish Indy Comic on
Review and Interview By Charlene Bennett.

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Irish Comic News Awards 2012

Hay everyone! Hope y'all are doing well.

As most of you all know by now the ICNAs (Irish Comic News Awards) are among us and the Irish creators are in need of your vote! Its a really simple step, you simply click the link below and vote for who YOU think is (The best artist, writer, comic book etc.)

Everyone can vote for anyone they like amongst the (Irish) comic book industry but this year I will be supporting the Abandoned Comics crew because their new to the comic industry and in my opinion they are doing very well so far, And this year is special for them beacuse they released their very first comic book this year (Nestor)  and if giving the chance, these guys have an amazing future a head of them.

So here are my Recommended Votes:
Anthony O' Neill for best Indy Artist
Mike Lynch and Martin Greene for best Indy writer
Nestor for best Indy Comic Book
Nestor for best all round comic book

Click the link below for your vote and thank you so much!

P.S if you enjoy my blog and my Comic Book Reviews, Please vote for my blog under the (Comic related blog section) Its much appreciated!

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Northern Adventure Quarterly By Andre St-Amour

Northern Adventure Quarterly

 Format: Running Series (Available both in print and digital format) – Issue 1.

Full Colour

Publisher: Frozen Light Comics

Created by Andre St-Amour  

 A digital copy of Northern Adventure Quarterly (NAQ) was kindly sent onto us here at Wicked Comics for reviewing purposes buy its creator and publisher Andre St-Amour.  

 I don’t know where to start with this comic, I seriously enjoyed it so much and I cannot wait for issue #2! So I guess I’ll start by saying that it was truly an amazing read. It’s very pleasing to the eye with the stylish illustration and characters that are very inviting, fun and keep you laughing throughout.

 In this debut issue there are three stories focusing on the adventures of The Guard, Miss M and Zodiac, three unique superheroes each with their own tale to tell. In the first story you have The Guard who is a very funny, witty character that has no clue why his enemy, who he calls Lug Nuts, is attacking him. Lug nuts is like a parrot in the sense that he repeats himself constantly, its monotonous but in a very humorous way.

 In the second story we have Miss M who is a feisty little superhero with an attitude and she won’t let anybody get in the way of her saving the planet and the creatures it inhabits. And then last but not least we have Zodiac who was my personal favorite because he possesses the power of each zodiac sign and all of their elements which is really bad-ass! He kind of reminded me of the Ben 10 cartoon the way he could call on a power and then poof! He is whatever sign he chooses to call on.

 When reading NAQ I got the same vibe derived from Stan Lee’s work in the golden age of comics. It has the same innocence, corny superhero and villain theme where the good guys always come out looking amazing even if they don’t really do much! In this day and age it is somewhat refreshing to see some creators incorporate old school elements and creating fun all ages comics.

 I found the artwork and plush colouring very appealing and again reminiscent of “old- style-comic-book”. I can also see a bit of Bruce Timm’s batman the animated series in the art which is awesome!

 During my time reading the comic I could picture a parent reading this to their child to introduce them to comic books, it’s the type of story that both adults and kids can enjoy in equal measures.

 To think that Andre St-Amour wrote, illustrated, edited and published this himself is astounding! Especially when one factors in the high quality of the delivery. He was born to make comic books and really knows how to lure in the reader with his magnetic writing style that keeps you wanting more.

 Those with a penchant for superheroes and Saturday morning Cartoon lovers will definitely get a kick out of this book. And if you have never read a comic, this is a great way to start!

  give this issue a 5/5.

Review by Charlene Bennett
Edited by Chris Le Galle
Get your own copy of Northern Adventure Quarterly from:







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The Helix Comic Book


Script and Lettering: Ryan O'Conner
Art and Colouring: Naomi Bolger

Running Series - Issue 1
Full Colour
The Helix is a self-published Irish comic book from two Dublin born debutant creators; Ryan O'Conner and Naomi Bolger. Set in California 2024, The Helix is about a group of teenage mutants (with the exception of Louise, the hyperactive cute 12 year old, with Telekinesis) all of which have their own unique powers.

The story is introduced with the group enjoying a nice day in the park, eating ice-cream and having a laugh. The day is suddenly interrupted by a really loud BOOM! Worried the group nominate Kyle the one with the looks, panache, flight and healing powers to go and investigate. He reluctantly agrees and this is where all the madness kicks in. The mutants encounter another group of super villain terrorists called Atom. Esper and Hellstrike who are literally blowing up the park in a fight with a mysterious character called Trident.

I finished reading it last night, and considering it is the creators' first published work it makes for a very enjoyable read. The artwork perfectly compliments the writing and the book is funny and intelligently put together. Atom is a really cool witty and careless villainess who immediately became one of my favourite characters. The style of the comic book seems to combine elements of Pokemon and manga with a European twist. It oozes innocent charm but in so doing it never becomes childish and is likely to appeal to teens and adults alike. I found it a little rushed for a first issue but enjoyed the content enough to look forward to the next issue.

The book contains some concept art from Naomi and some interesting character illustrations done by friends of the creators. This is a nice touch and in my opinion is a good technique by self-publisher to get the interest rolling before the book hits the shelves.
If you love independent and self-published comics, then The Helix definitely deserves a shot.  

The Helix is available from Forbidden Planet; Dublin.
For more info kindly go to
Review by Charlene Bennett
Edited by Chris Le Galle 


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Dez Skinn & Chris J Thompson to appear at Malta Comic Con!!

Innovator, Writer, Editor and Publisher Dez Skinn and

Pop Culture King Journalist Chris J Thompson Join the
Impressive Guest Line up for Malta Comic Con 2012!

September 7th 2012, Malta

Wicked Comics the organisers of the annual Malta Comic Convention (MCC) and the promoters of comic culture world wide are proud to announce innovator, writer
editor and publisher Dez Skinn and pop culture king journalist Chris J. Thompson as their guests to the forthcoming MCC which this year is going to happen on
Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th December 2012 at St. James Cavalier (all floors), Valletta between 10am and 6pm on both days.
With 42 years of experience in the comic industry and more awards and honours than one dares mention Dez Skinn influence on and contributions to the British comic landscape remains unrivalled. Often referred to as the British "Stan Lee",
Dez can best be described as one possessing the Midas touch. From IPC weeklies Buster, Whizzer & Chips and Cor!! to running Marvel UK and launching such titles as Doctor Who Weekly, Starburst – the world’s longest running SF & Fantasy Film Magazine, Hulk Comic and Hammer's House Of Horror, 16 years editing trade magazine Comics International, creating Warrior comics magazine and founding Quality Communications a vehicle responsible of launching properties such as V for Vendetta he created in 1982 and still steers to date, Dez has simply done it all! Also the author of two books; Comix: The Underground Revolution and Comic Art Now,

Dez is currently providing consultancy services to outside publishers, putting together the pilot issue for a new international comics magazine and co-writing a new feature film.

"Dez Skinn is a stalwart of the UK comics landscape, a publisher, an innovator and commentator. Without 'Warrior' magazine, which Dez created, there would have been no 'V for Vendetta', no reinvention of Miracle/Marvel Man. Groundbreaking creators such as Alan Moore and Alan Davis - amongst myriad others - might not have had the chance to find their unique voices enabling them to grow into the renowned creators they are today. 'Comics International' has similarly spotlighted new talent amongst its columns, features, news and reviews. A regular at comic conventions, Dez has more experience in the field than pretty much anybody else I know." Liam Sharp (Marvel/DC Comics) and MCC 2010 guest.

Chris J. Thompson is an internationally recognised comics retailer, journalist, podcaster and speaker who has attended and spoken at conventions across three continents including San Diego Comic Con where he has a yearly panel.

You can
hear him on The Orbiting Pod and Pop Culture Hound podcasts; see his work at First Comic News, Bleeding Cool and various other sites and follow him via Twitter

"Chris Thompson has been an avid supporter and permanent fixture in the MCC since 2010. During MCC 2011 Chris and fellow journalist Taylor Lilley virtually led all the talks, discussion panels and Q&A sessions, a role they will be reprising this year.

Through the various mediums he works in Chris is constantly assisting Wicked Comics and promoting the Malta Comic Con. With each visit to MCC Chris returns with a new stock of Maltese comic books to sell in England. On top of all this Chris always works closely with us, gives us sound advice and not only helps us secure some of the most esteemed guests but also helps us co-ordinate some of the most sought after activities during the convention. Throughout the years Chris has been an invaluable source of help, an inspiration in challenging times, an ambassador of both the MCC and Malta at large, and a great friend. This year we decide to invite him as
a guest as a small token of appreciation for all his sterling work. Simply put with out him the Malta Comic Con would not be the commendable and successful convention
it is today." Chris Le Galle co-founder of Wicked Comics.
Official Website:

For more information, additional images, press passes to the Malta Comic Con and interviews with Wicked Comics or our guests kindly contact Chris Le Galle on

Be sure to check out the Malta Comic Con Website! Its amazing, I have learned of so many great comic creator's since I started to follow the site. Chris Le Galle and the Wicked Comics crew have done so much to support the Comic book industry its awh inspiring!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Well hello everyone! My latest reads have all been brilliant and also All Comic Books!

Iv read 5 books in the past month, 3 being small press and Irish Independantly made.

Nestor issues #1 & #2 By Martin Greene and Writer Mike Lynch hit the shelves and online store Indy planet recently, Two fantastic issues with gorgeous illustration. Nestor is a Dublin City based comic book about a vampire who's seeking vengence for his girlfriend who he finds dead in their Dublin city home. Filled with hate and rage he sets out after the men who killed her only to find himself making more of a mess of things when he meets a girl named Sara. I cant give too much away because its a short story so I will leave it up to you to get the book and read it yourslves. I quite enjoyed both issues, I thought they were written very well and I think anyone who is into vampire's will really enjoy the version of vampire Martin has created.

The next book I read was Mark Millar's graphic novel Superior.
Superior is about a 12 year old boy named Simon Pooni who lives a normal life reading comic books and watching his hero Superior on the big screens and he is the best on his basketball team, until one day he gets diagnosed with multible sclerosis and he ends up in a wheelchair and goes blind in one eye. Simon prays every night to have his old life back. One night he gets visited by a talking monkey named Ormon who grants Simon his wish but turns him into Superior! All Ormon has to say to Simon is "All will be explained in one week" so without giving away anything, alot of crazy, funny and sad things happen throughout the course of this book but millar brings you on a great journey and really makes you feel for the character's.

Well in my last post I was talking about the release of Zombie's Hi #6 which came out the 20th of this month. ZH is also Irish made by a crew based in Derry Northern Ireland. This issue was featuring a surprise, something they never did in past issues so its worth seeking out. I read issue #6 a few days ago, Its brilliant, its coupled with a few short stories one being by the writer of Nestor Mike Lynch. All 3 stories are very well written and their really witty, funny and serious all rolled into one. There was a few different artists on bored like there always is in ZH and all of the art is amazing, there is so much talent that it's inspiring.

Last but not least was a really good graphic novel adapted from "The house of night series" By PC Cast and Kristen Cast called House of nght Legacy. It goes back a few books to were the main character Zoey Redbird first got marked and joined the House of Night school for Vampire fleglings. Zoey needs to learn about each of the elemental powers she possess's Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit before she can commit to her first ritual of the dark daughters. This book was really good, infact I enjoyed it so much I would love if they brought the whole series out in comic book form because I enjoyed the books but I found it was more entertaining with the illustration that compilmented it so well. But that's just my opinion. If your a House of Night fan then go get this book, you'll love it!

Well that's all for now I hope you enjoyed my rambling enough to want to read one of these stories and if you do then Happy reading!  :) I would also love to know what your thoughts are on any of these stories or any other story you've read, I'm always on the lookout for new things to read. Until next time Excelsior!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I'm sooo Happy to say that Zombie's Hi Issue 6 featuring Artist Anthony "Amazeballs" O'Neill and Writer Mike Lynch's story (The Heist) hits the shelves on the 20th of August!! It is also an honour to say that I will be featured as a Zombie on the last page and Anthony done an amazing job at making me and the rest of the story look gory, gooey and zombilicious! Pencils by Anthony,and inks by Joe Cambell.

The Heist By Mike Lynch
Art, Anthony O'Neill

Keep an eye out for this one!! The Zombie Hi crew have done an amazing job with these books there not worth missing out on!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Well, Its been a while

I havent been on this part of the oul blog ina while because honestly I have bearly read a thing in the past couple of months due to glasses and the part were I have none so....I have one book to tell u about which is an old book that came out in 1984 Its called "The wasp factory" By Iain Banks

I'm actually just going to write the intro to the book which is on the back and let you guys see why I got interested straight away!

'Two years after I killed Blyth I murdered my young brother Paul, for quite different and more fundamental reasons than I'd disposed of Blyth, and then a year after that I did for my cousin Esmerelda, more or less on a whim. That's my score to date. Three. I haven't killed anybody for years, and I dont intend to ever again. It was just a stage I was going through.'

Well for me it was a very good and strange ride, I really couldnt tell where the author was going with this book which for me is good because I love mind boggling stories and, this was definitly one. I'm giving the book 9/10 and the reason I docked it one mark was because of the ending, Now it was good and very original and I also probably should have seen it coming but I kind of feel like it was lacking in some area.

Anyway if any of you guys have read it and care to give your opinion that would be great and if you havent read it yet you should pick up a copy!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

America's Got powers comic-book

Howdy! My most recent read was a really good ones so I thought I would share it!

I read The very recently released comic book "America's got Powers" By Tv presenter Jonathan Ross and Marvel&DC artist Bryan Hitch.
Its a very original and gripping peice of work, the first page pulled me in, not only because B.H is an amazing illustrater but because jonathan ross is an excellent writer! I just read issue 1 of 6 The 2nd issue will be released in May.
This is my signed copy of the comic!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Edgar Allen Poe

Haya peoples... I have been sooo lazy the past couple of months! I haven't read many books at all just a couple of comic books,

But just recently I read my first ever Edgar Allen Poe short story "The Black Cat" And I have to be totally honest, it made me realise just how bullshit most of the crap I read really is!! Edgar had an amazing way of writing and I really wish there was more modern writers out there that are similar to him. (If anyone knows of any plz let me know i would really appreciate it!)

The black cat was intense, shocking and creepy I loved it! I also read his poem "The Raven" Last night and fell in love with it he was so cool I can imagen Vincent Price reading that out it would be awsome :)

Anyways thats all I have for now, There's not much point in reviewing the story because Poe is so old most people know his stuff already!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

irish comic news harley quinn

Hi peeps, Artist anthony o neill let me do a drawing for irish comic news ICN this week in his place, please check it out!
Thanks a mill :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Sirens Are Calling

I have already told you about the beautiful sirens, and I have giving info on both "Union" and "Songs of the Sirens".
Well I recently read the third book "Strange Fruit" and it was exellent! It was as just fun as and sexy as the others and it also brang a bit of magic into it and the last srory in it has a shocking ending!

 I am a HUGE Harley Quinn fan so it could have just been shockin for me but it was a great ending although i was a bit upset coz i thought it was the last book but Yay guess what?
 There's another one! "Division" but I have to try get it some how because where I live is pretty much in the middle of nothing fun including a good book shop so I could be waitng weeks on the book!
But anyway if Your a comic geek who loves the three-o then your in for a fab read and if your not then pick the books up anyway cause they will turn u into a fan and you will be cravin more!

I wasnt an Ivy fan at all until I got into the Gotham city sirens but I ended up fallin in love with the character she has such a tragic story yet sometimes its hard to feel sorry for her while other times you cant help it! And I think everybody loves catwoman You cant help it shes the perfect character to go up against the bat and pull on the owl heart strings! And Harley Quinn...Well shes a character Im sure alot of us can relate to when it comes to loving someone atleast once in our lives! Plus shes fun energetic, and psychotic! Shes deadly!!

Anyways enough babbling from me I hope to get the fourth and final book soon and il let everyone know how it went Byedy bye for now and happy reading :-)
The third book of the series!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Alice, Madness Returns...

I Know this has nothing to do with a book (ina way) But for those of you that are into Alice in Wonderland You have to play the xbox game "Alice return to madness"! Its a great game you have to solve puzzles and try figure out the story as you go along and whats great and confusing is that in "The real world" Alice is actually ina nut house and her wonderland is falling apart and it may very well be her fault!!! But I cant say too much but REALLY It is worth the play!!!!

Its one of the cooliest games
iv played ina while
cos its funny, peculiar, mad and dangerous

Cynthia Leitich Smith

I got the book "Blessed" By Cynthia Leitich Smith for christmas, I intend on reading it during the week but first for anyone who has ever read either of the books below, I really think u should read both before blessed, as it has two main characters from each come together. And for those of you who have not read either I really think you should pick tantalize up it is really worth the read, Smith tells the story of popular genres but in her own original way that is totally tantalizing!! I will be reviewing Blessed in the next week or so, So bye for now!! :-)
Tantalize By Cynthia L.Smith

Eternal By Cynthia L.Smith