Tuesday, December 20, 2011

miss peregrines home for peculiar children

I have read a brilliant book called (Miss Peregrin's Home For Peculiar Children) By Ransom Riggs (A Cool Name!!) It was brilliant, its kind of a children/teen book but I got alot of enjoyment out of it, It kinda reminded me of the TV series (Goodnoght Sweetheart) The show about the time traveller! Its cool it had danger, action, time loops,  love and really interesting charactors with powers and a kinda monster which is a bit original! Its also beautifully illustrated with photography which I found really interesting!

Anyway if you like darren shan but with less gore and horror then this book is for you!!
Ransom Riggs

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I finished the book I was talking about like 3 weeks ago or something "Destined" By PC.Cast and Kristen Cast, Il admit I found it abit boring at first, Thats kinda why I took my time,  But to be honest it was one of the best of the 9 so far!! After you get closer to the middle of the story it starts to pick up and it ends brilliantly!! 8/10 from me!
For those of you that are not familar with the house of night series its a series following a bunch of teenage vampires that attend a school in tulsa called the house of night, the world knows about vampires but its caused division between vamps and humans. This series is very different to most vamp books, They involve gods, Goddesses high priestesses, warriors and cool tattoos, triangles of love and most of all alot of action and rituals and spells!! There is alot going on but thats why I think there so good.
Heres a pic of the first two books incase anyone wants to give them a read. If you like the 1st book then you will love the rest but if not then the series is not for you!!

Betrayed book 2!

Marked, the 1st book of the series!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

older books...But not too old

A really, really cool series I finished reading last year or the year before which alot of people have probably already read is "The demonata series" By Darren Shan Its a fantastic series and for a teenager's collection its really creepy, like the first book Lord Loss, that creeped the hell outa me! There is ten books altogether in the series but they are so worth the read and if theres anyone out there like me, then you will be craving more and wishng the books didint end!!

The 1st book of the series!
Its brilliant gory horror with gripping, funny characters

The second book and one of my favorites
of the series

A drawing of the main demon
in the series By Anthony O'Neill

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

cool graphic novels this week

This week I have read four really good comics, the first one was Stan Lee's Batman! That was an interesting one! Batman is not the batman everybody loves and knows he's a totally different character altogether. His name is Wayne Williams and he is not from a rich family at all, its a story about being framed and  getting revenge. I give it 8/10 because it was interesting but It just didn't do it for me,  I really missed the darkness and the tragic story that makes Bruce who he is but as I said it was interesting all the same!

The second comic was Coraline the graphic novel by Neil Gaimen and illustrated by Craig Russel.
Coraline walks through a door in her new family home and finds herself to be in the exact same house except its also very different.There she meets the Other mother and Other father and everything smells yummy and the food tastes better and the toys are more enjoyable. But later Coraline realises that the other mother and father want her to stay and never go back to her original parents, and she finds herself in a struggle to be free! 
I give this 9/10 It was an excellent story very dark and imaginative, I docked it 1 mark simply because I watched the movie first and I rather the style of the movie to the comic-book  illustrations, but thats just me! 

The 3rd comic I read blew me away, Its out over 20 years but I only read it for the 1st time the other day! (Batman the killing  joke) by Alan Moore it has to be one of the best comics Iv read in a long time! I cant say much about it because Il spoil it but I will say that Joker is the dark mallicious monster everybody loves while also being the funny clown with the corny gags! 10/10

The last comic of the week is the second book to (Gotham City Sirens Union) its called (Gotham City Sirens Songs of the Sirens) its a great read by a few different writer's including Paul Dini its filled with great stories to reach out to those that are super crazy for Harley Quin Poison Ivy and Catwoman! 

That's them all for now, I have to admit I have been lazy in reading my books because I have been reading the comic's and you can finish a comic/graphic so much quicker than a novel!
A drawing I did of Harley

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Howdy Doody Peeps!!

I have finished reading Forbidden for the second time and I have to say it hit me alot harder this time! Tabitha Suzuma really has a way with words, I couldnt stop crying, I even considered putting the book in the freezer like Joey out of friends because I didnt want to witness the end of the book!!
I give this book 10/10.

8th Book Of The Series
I'm now  a reading book at the moment which is part of a series called "The house of night series" I'm reading the eigtht book called "Destined" Its been on the shelves since last week! (In Ireland anyways!) Its good so far I'm not going to judge it too soon because I'm only on chapter four but what I can say is that if your a Twilight book fan then you will enjoy this series! I'm not a 100% Twilight fan but I like to keep an open mind when it comes to reading a book.

 Il review this book as soon as I am finished it!

Oh one more thing! For any comic book fans out there who love Batman, Kickass, and just great story-telling and good gore You have to read Mark Millar's Nemisis!!...If you havent already!! I know its been out a long while now, but I only read it last week and oh my god was it great!! A huge 10/10 from me I loved it and I cannot wait fot the movie adaption of the book to come out! Another fab comic book I read last week that is also out ages is "Joker" By Brain Azzarlo. Its a deadly book with a really good and different take on joker and his sexy red and black diomand spangled squeeze Harley Quinn! Another 10/10 from me! But I would really love to hear what You have to say about the books or even whatever your reading today!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

new up and coming artist who will leave u craving for more!!

Anybody who loves reading a good comic book with art so good it tells a story all on its own Please check out this blog!! www.anthonylukeoneill.blogspot.com He's a new up and coming comic book illustrator who is going far in life!!!
He's currently diong a comic book with writer's Mike lynch and martin greene called nestor you can check out this stuff on



Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Love Comics...

I'm reading a series at the moment called Batman: Gotham City Sirens,  I am reading them in graphic novel form istead of single issues so there is 3 to read alltogether. The series came out in 2010 but I only came across it recently. 
I finished the first one "Union" by Paul Dini last night and it was brilliant! It has humour and cool bad guys gonnand a bit of a dark edge to it,  For those of you who love Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Poison Ivy, Your a love Gotham City Sirens!
1st Book Of The Series
A drawing of Ivy I did
I give it 10/10

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What Do U Think Of Tabitha Suzuma's Book Forbbidden?

I got the book out of the library last year before I even knew about blogging, But I recently bought myself a copy of it and I am starting to read it again.
I'd Love to see other peoples view on the book because I personally thought it was a fantasic read,
I think you need to have an open mind with it but when you get past feeling a bit out of place, You soon fall in love with the charaters and feel everything they are going through and start to understand thier situation more and more as the book goes on.  But thats just how I feel!!

This heartfelt and gripping
book will leave you breathless
If anyone has read this book please let me know your views on the book and even give me a review on the book you have read most recently!! xoxo