Sunday, March 18, 2012

Edgar Allen Poe

Haya peoples... I have been sooo lazy the past couple of months! I haven't read many books at all just a couple of comic books,

But just recently I read my first ever Edgar Allen Poe short story "The Black Cat" And I have to be totally honest, it made me realise just how bullshit most of the crap I read really is!! Edgar had an amazing way of writing and I really wish there was more modern writers out there that are similar to him. (If anyone knows of any plz let me know i would really appreciate it!)

The black cat was intense, shocking and creepy I loved it! I also read his poem "The Raven" Last night and fell in love with it he was so cool I can imagen Vincent Price reading that out it would be awsome :)

Anyways thats all I have for now, There's not much point in reviewing the story because Poe is so old most people know his stuff already!

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