Monday, October 15, 2012

Irish Comic News Awards 2012

Hay everyone! Hope y'all are doing well.

As most of you all know by now the ICNAs (Irish Comic News Awards) are among us and the Irish creators are in need of your vote! Its a really simple step, you simply click the link below and vote for who YOU think is (The best artist, writer, comic book etc.)

Everyone can vote for anyone they like amongst the (Irish) comic book industry but this year I will be supporting the Abandoned Comics crew because their new to the comic industry and in my opinion they are doing very well so far, And this year is special for them beacuse they released their very first comic book this year (Nestor)  and if giving the chance, these guys have an amazing future a head of them.

So here are my Recommended Votes:
Anthony O' Neill for best Indy Artist
Mike Lynch and Martin Greene for best Indy writer
Nestor for best Indy Comic Book
Nestor for best all round comic book

Click the link below for your vote and thank you so much!

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