Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Helix Comic Book


Script and Lettering: Ryan O'Conner
Art and Colouring: Naomi Bolger

Running Series - Issue 1
Full Colour
The Helix is a self-published Irish comic book from two Dublin born debutant creators; Ryan O'Conner and Naomi Bolger. Set in California 2024, The Helix is about a group of teenage mutants (with the exception of Louise, the hyperactive cute 12 year old, with Telekinesis) all of which have their own unique powers.

The story is introduced with the group enjoying a nice day in the park, eating ice-cream and having a laugh. The day is suddenly interrupted by a really loud BOOM! Worried the group nominate Kyle the one with the looks, panache, flight and healing powers to go and investigate. He reluctantly agrees and this is where all the madness kicks in. The mutants encounter another group of super villain terrorists called Atom. Esper and Hellstrike who are literally blowing up the park in a fight with a mysterious character called Trident.

I finished reading it last night, and considering it is the creators' first published work it makes for a very enjoyable read. The artwork perfectly compliments the writing and the book is funny and intelligently put together. Atom is a really cool witty and careless villainess who immediately became one of my favourite characters. The style of the comic book seems to combine elements of Pokemon and manga with a European twist. It oozes innocent charm but in so doing it never becomes childish and is likely to appeal to teens and adults alike. I found it a little rushed for a first issue but enjoyed the content enough to look forward to the next issue.

The book contains some concept art from Naomi and some interesting character illustrations done by friends of the creators. This is a nice touch and in my opinion is a good technique by self-publisher to get the interest rolling before the book hits the shelves.
If you love independent and self-published comics, then The Helix definitely deserves a shot.  

The Helix is available from Forbidden Planet; Dublin.
For more info kindly go to
Review by Charlene Bennett
Edited by Chris Le Galle 


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