Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Sirens Are Calling

I have already told you about the beautiful sirens, and I have giving info on both "Union" and "Songs of the Sirens".
Well I recently read the third book "Strange Fruit" and it was exellent! It was as just fun as and sexy as the others and it also brang a bit of magic into it and the last srory in it has a shocking ending!

 I am a HUGE Harley Quinn fan so it could have just been shockin for me but it was a great ending although i was a bit upset coz i thought it was the last book but Yay guess what?
 There's another one! "Division" but I have to try get it some how because where I live is pretty much in the middle of nothing fun including a good book shop so I could be waitng weeks on the book!
But anyway if Your a comic geek who loves the three-o then your in for a fab read and if your not then pick the books up anyway cause they will turn u into a fan and you will be cravin more!

I wasnt an Ivy fan at all until I got into the Gotham city sirens but I ended up fallin in love with the character she has such a tragic story yet sometimes its hard to feel sorry for her while other times you cant help it! And I think everybody loves catwoman You cant help it shes the perfect character to go up against the bat and pull on the owl heart strings! And Harley Quinn...Well shes a character Im sure alot of us can relate to when it comes to loving someone atleast once in our lives! Plus shes fun energetic, and psychotic! Shes deadly!!

Anyways enough babbling from me I hope to get the fourth and final book soon and il let everyone know how it went Byedy bye for now and happy reading :-)
The third book of the series!

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