Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Howdy Doody Peeps!!

I have finished reading Forbidden for the second time and I have to say it hit me alot harder this time! Tabitha Suzuma really has a way with words, I couldnt stop crying, I even considered putting the book in the freezer like Joey out of friends because I didnt want to witness the end of the book!!
I give this book 10/10.

8th Book Of The Series
I'm now  a reading book at the moment which is part of a series called "The house of night series" I'm reading the eigtht book called "Destined" Its been on the shelves since last week! (In Ireland anyways!) Its good so far I'm not going to judge it too soon because I'm only on chapter four but what I can say is that if your a Twilight book fan then you will enjoy this series! I'm not a 100% Twilight fan but I like to keep an open mind when it comes to reading a book.

 Il review this book as soon as I am finished it!

Oh one more thing! For any comic book fans out there who love Batman, Kickass, and just great story-telling and good gore You have to read Mark Millar's Nemisis!!...If you havent already!! I know its been out a long while now, but I only read it last week and oh my god was it great!! A huge 10/10 from me I loved it and I cannot wait fot the movie adaption of the book to come out! Another fab comic book I read last week that is also out ages is "Joker" By Brain Azzarlo. Its a deadly book with a really good and different take on joker and his sexy red and black diomand spangled squeeze Harley Quinn! Another 10/10 from me! But I would really love to hear what You have to say about the books or even whatever your reading today!!


  1. it all sounds sooo! cool its like being in a sweet shop and youv only got a euro but you dont know what to get

    enjoying this blog keep it up.

  2. Thanks that's a really cool thing to say, Awh Im blushing :-)