Tuesday, November 15, 2011

cool graphic novels this week

This week I have read four really good comics, the first one was Stan Lee's Batman! That was an interesting one! Batman is not the batman everybody loves and knows he's a totally different character altogether. His name is Wayne Williams and he is not from a rich family at all, its a story about being framed and  getting revenge. I give it 8/10 because it was interesting but It just didn't do it for me,  I really missed the darkness and the tragic story that makes Bruce who he is but as I said it was interesting all the same!

The second comic was Coraline the graphic novel by Neil Gaimen and illustrated by Craig Russel.
Coraline walks through a door in her new family home and finds herself to be in the exact same house except its also very different.There she meets the Other mother and Other father and everything smells yummy and the food tastes better and the toys are more enjoyable. But later Coraline realises that the other mother and father want her to stay and never go back to her original parents, and she finds herself in a struggle to be free! 
I give this 9/10 It was an excellent story very dark and imaginative, I docked it 1 mark simply because I watched the movie first and I rather the style of the movie to the comic-book  illustrations, but thats just me! 

The 3rd comic I read blew me away, Its out over 20 years but I only read it for the 1st time the other day! (Batman the killing  joke) by Alan Moore it has to be one of the best comics Iv read in a long time! I cant say much about it because Il spoil it but I will say that Joker is the dark mallicious monster everybody loves while also being the funny clown with the corny gags! 10/10

The last comic of the week is the second book to (Gotham City Sirens Union) its called (Gotham City Sirens Songs of the Sirens) its a great read by a few different writer's including Paul Dini its filled with great stories to reach out to those that are super crazy for Harley Quin Poison Ivy and Catwoman! 

That's them all for now, I have to admit I have been lazy in reading my books because I have been reading the comic's and you can finish a comic/graphic so much quicker than a novel!
A drawing I did of Harley

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