Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I finished the book I was talking about like 3 weeks ago or something "Destined" By PC.Cast and Kristen Cast, Il admit I found it abit boring at first, Thats kinda why I took my time,  But to be honest it was one of the best of the 9 so far!! After you get closer to the middle of the story it starts to pick up and it ends brilliantly!! 8/10 from me!
For those of you that are not familar with the house of night series its a series following a bunch of teenage vampires that attend a school in tulsa called the house of night, the world knows about vampires but its caused division between vamps and humans. This series is very different to most vamp books, They involve gods, Goddesses high priestesses, warriors and cool tattoos, triangles of love and most of all alot of action and rituals and spells!! There is alot going on but thats why I think there so good.
Heres a pic of the first two books incase anyone wants to give them a read. If you like the 1st book then you will love the rest but if not then the series is not for you!!

Betrayed book 2!

Marked, the 1st book of the series!

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