Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What Do U Think Of Tabitha Suzuma's Book Forbbidden?

I got the book out of the library last year before I even knew about blogging, But I recently bought myself a copy of it and I am starting to read it again.
I'd Love to see other peoples view on the book because I personally thought it was a fantasic read,
I think you need to have an open mind with it but when you get past feeling a bit out of place, You soon fall in love with the charaters and feel everything they are going through and start to understand thier situation more and more as the book goes on.  But thats just how I feel!!

This heartfelt and gripping
book will leave you breathless
If anyone has read this book please let me know your views on the book and even give me a review on the book you have read most recently!! xoxo

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