Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Lego Movie Review

Hi everyone!
Happy 2014! Its been a while since I ventured on here so I decided to kick my 2014 writing off with a movie review for a change. I hope you enjoy :)

The Lego movie isn’t something I initially wanted to go see, my boyfriend seen Superman in the trailer and got overly excited so I knew at that moment we would end up sitting in the uncomfortable seats at our local cinema.

Day’s passed and we finally decided to go see the movie and we invited a good friend of ours along for the ride. When we were finally seated, I chomped away at my popcorn without a hint of interest towards this film until about 5 minutes into it. Straight away the audience is hit with a funny character named Emmet who you immediately like and feel a little sorry for.

 Emmet is a normal boring guy who follows all of the rules without question. At the end of his work day he tries inviting himself out with his fellow workers but that flops as nobody even notices him.

Moments later Emmet meets this cool punk chic who seems to be searching for something rather important but Emmet gets in the way and she later thinks that he is the person she was looking for “The special”. Not knowing this means that he has to save the world from the evil "Mr Business"  Emmet who is very normal, boring and very” un-special” goes along with this just in hopes that he might actually be important and of course to impress the girl.

From that moment the film unravels allot of crazy characters that each to their own have very unique personalities, one in particular is Unikitty, and she’s a cute Lego kitten with a unicorn horn. Unikitty is an upbeat positive kitty with a bit of an anger problem… she’s quite adorable and a little scary! Another character I really enjoyed was Batman! He’s awesome and stars in almost the whole feature. Most of the funny moments in the Lego movie was Batman making an idiot out of himself, he brings allot of giggles to the big screen.

The hero Lego deserves,
but not the one that it needs... 
Near the end, Emmet must prove to each character (Including B-man) and to himself that he is the special and with this brings a lovely heart-warming story of self being and importance.

There was a part in the film that when it happened I was like “Oh no they shouldn’t have done this” I felt I had been taking out of the film a little but when I seen where they were going with it, it actually fit in perfectly.

I’ll just end this review here and now with ‘It was a fantastic movie’ I got some laughs out of it and I would definitely recommend bringing the whole family to see it. It was fun! Especially seeing how happy it made my 27 year old boyfriend! His only recommendation is that Ryan Renolds should not see this film :D


  1. Aimed more at the youth audience, but definitely has enough winks and nudges to the older crowd to balance it all out. Good review Charlene.