Monday, February 18, 2013

Art influencing life, influencing art...

Abandoned Comics Presents... London CLiNT!
Most of you have probably heard of Mark Millar's "CLiNT" magazine and some of you might remember my previous review on "Abandoned Comics" Mike Lynch, Martin Greene and Anthony O'Neill's "Nestor" comic book. Well in CLiNT 2.6 which came out on Valentines Day, Abandoned Comics very own Mike Lynch and Anthony O'Neill released an amazing 5 page fan comic strip on a real life superhero who calls himself "Clint" due to Mark Millar and his magazines influence, which we learned of in the magazines 2.1 issue.
Based on a true story, set in London present day, this strip follows Clint on his journey to the Titan publishing building aka (Millar tower) where he scaled the 11 story buliding to get a letter to Mark millar in time for print but on the way he runs into trouble when seeing an elderly man being harrassed and mugged in a dark alley way.
Anthony is a huge fan of millar and his magazine, so as soon as he learned of the masked vigilante Clint who is trained in MMA and Parkour, Anthony's mind raced with the idea of bringing this real life superhero back to its comic book routes and turning it into a strip. He then got onto Abandoned comics writer Mike Lynch to take care of the specifics of the sequentials.
Once the story was in place Mike and anthony put all of their main in-house projects on hold, going out on a limb and making the Clint project their main priority. The masterminds behind the piece had absolutely no idea that any of the work they had done would ever see the light of day, but fortunately for them the good people at Titan Magazines recognised the greatness in this very small but imaginative concept. The magazines editors decided that it was such a good piece that they have challenged the rest of the public to try and better Anthony and Mike's effort by sending in your very own CLiNt story.
This little work of art is beautifully illustrated by Anthony and well written by Mike. Its a delightful and uplifting hero piece that presents great mood and it gives you everything you would expect from a short publication. This is a really big deal for Anthony and Mike and the "Small press" Irish comic book scene.
If you haven't got your copy of the magazine you can get a FREE  Pdf download of the comic strip on the Abandoned Comics website or visit the titans magazine website to view the strip for free.
Its well worth checking out, its a brilliant piece and you can't go very wrong with something that's Free!


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