Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Insprational comics from the Emerald Isle

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Here's a little update that I did on some Irish creators and the books they have coming this year!
Click the link below to see the news over at Malta Comic-Con!

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

{!!!** * THE LOUD WHISPER * **!!!}: SALVAGE

{!!!** * THE LOUD WHISPER * **!!!}: SALVAGE: Hi all  Long time no posts huh? well heres why. For the past few months now iv been working away on Abandoned,s next big thing ,salva...

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Lego Movie Review

Hi everyone!
Happy 2014! Its been a while since I ventured on here so I decided to kick my 2014 writing off with a movie review for a change. I hope you enjoy :)

The Lego movie isn’t something I initially wanted to go see, my boyfriend seen Superman in the trailer and got overly excited so I knew at that moment we would end up sitting in the uncomfortable seats at our local cinema.

Day’s passed and we finally decided to go see the movie and we invited a good friend of ours along for the ride. When we were finally seated, I chomped away at my popcorn without a hint of interest towards this film until about 5 minutes into it. Straight away the audience is hit with a funny character named Emmet who you immediately like and feel a little sorry for.

 Emmet is a normal boring guy who follows all of the rules without question. At the end of his work day he tries inviting himself out with his fellow workers but that flops as nobody even notices him.

Moments later Emmet meets this cool punk chic who seems to be searching for something rather important but Emmet gets in the way and she later thinks that he is the person she was looking for “The special”. Not knowing this means that he has to save the world from the evil "Mr Business"  Emmet who is very normal, boring and very” un-special” goes along with this just in hopes that he might actually be important and of course to impress the girl.

From that moment the film unravels allot of crazy characters that each to their own have very unique personalities, one in particular is Unikitty, and she’s a cute Lego kitten with a unicorn horn. Unikitty is an upbeat positive kitty with a bit of an anger problem… she’s quite adorable and a little scary! Another character I really enjoyed was Batman! He’s awesome and stars in almost the whole feature. Most of the funny moments in the Lego movie was Batman making an idiot out of himself, he brings allot of giggles to the big screen.

The hero Lego deserves,
but not the one that it needs... 
Near the end, Emmet must prove to each character (Including B-man) and to himself that he is the special and with this brings a lovely heart-warming story of self being and importance.

There was a part in the film that when it happened I was like “Oh no they shouldn’t have done this” I felt I had been taking out of the film a little but when I seen where they were going with it, it actually fit in perfectly.

I’ll just end this review here and now with ‘It was a fantastic movie’ I got some laughs out of it and I would definitely recommend bringing the whole family to see it. It was fun! Especially seeing how happy it made my 27 year old boyfriend! His only recommendation is that Ryan Renolds should not see this film :D

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Mind Palace By Luke J Halsall

The Mind Palace

Format: One-shot (Available in digital and Print)

Black and White

Desktop Publishing and Design by Gary Chudleigh

Writer: Luke James Halsall

Artist(s) in order: Sofi Hjalmarrson, Rex Kennedy, James Cocoran, Jamie Wright.

Cover Art: Cuttlefish

Soon to be available in the UK

Luke J Halsall is a new British Comic Book creator and Novelist. His work includes “The hoodie” series, and his E-book “Survivor” which has been called an interesting and unpredictable story. Luke’s first comic book “The mind palace” is a compilation of 4 short stories, each featuring a different artist.

Quote: “This is an amazing feeling for me. To complete my first comic book feels A tremendous achievement. Working with all of these talented people
has been a joy and I can’t wait to see what the world thinks of it.”

-Luke James Halsall

The first story in the comic “Tick Tock” is drawn by artist Sofi Hjalmarrson. This short is very interesting; it’s poetic and straight to the point. The artist tells the story with great detail, flow and beauty using a gorgeous cross-hatch art style giving this piece a dark and moody feel.

The second addition is “The defender” by artist Rex Kennedy. The story starts with a teen talking to his grandfather who is saying he sees his grandsons deceased father in the stars from time to time, that he is a space ranger called the defender but the teen reminds him that his dad died years ago in a car accident and walks away thinking of his grandfather to be mad and hallucinating. It kicks off when the boy confronts his mother about what his grandfather has been sprouting off about his dad… which I won’t spoil.

The third story “2.8” By artist James Cocoran. This is a very well written zombie story which I really enjoyed. It starts off with a couple of friends dressed up as zombies for a live action zombie game, kind of like a zombie walk. The friends decide to split up to find the starting point and plan on meeting up later. Luke spins a nice web in this story finishing with a lovely twist making the reader want more.

The last but not least, “Martian” by artist Jamie Wright. This short story is based around the time of sending the mars rover onto mars so that we can learn more about the planet. Using a live feed on their website the officials noticed something on the screen and in a hurry disconnect the feed replacing it with images from moments before to keep the public blind. Again, nice writing from Halsall and a great little twist thrown in there.

You can find Luke online at: Http://lukejameshalsall.wordpress.com

Or catch him on Twitter for a chat! @LJHalsall

Cuttlefish is the pen name of a small press artist from Tyneside. His work includes: Food for the dead, Giga, Trainee Space Chef and many more. You can find him online at Http://cuttlefishcomics.blogspot.co.uk

Sofi Hjalmarrson is a Swedish artist currently residing in Scotland. She’s a striving hungry artist in love with illustration and new to the comic book genre. She hopes to go further in this medium.

Rex Kennedy is a freelance artist from Carlisle Cumbria in the UK. Kennedy studied games designs and multimedia graphics design at a BA Hons at the University of Cumbria and may also be known as Abi the Xenomorph from the cosplay community.

James Cocoran spends his time drawing 50’s looking characters and monsters. His medium of choice is the pentel brush pen.

Jamie Wright is a 22 year old artist living in Dundee. Jamie is new to the comic book scene although he is an avid reader and lover of the genre. He started his comic journey in 2010 with his on-going web comic the post-apocalyptic fantasy tale “Uncreation”

Wright can be found at: http://jdwright.tumblr.com







Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Watchmen Artist and Co-Creator Dave Gibbons BBC TV

News: From Roy Lichtenstein's 'WHAAM!' to Dave Gibbons' 'WHAAT?'

Watchmen artist and co-creator Dave Gibbons was interviewed on BBC Tv recently on a Documentry about Pop Art painting "WHAAM!" by Roy Lichtenstein which is showcasing at London's very own Tate art muesuem.

 Gibbons commented: "I intend to do a HUUGE stretched canvas version. The idea would be to present it in as much the same way as the Lichtenstein version as we could. I would then sell it and donate the profits to the Hero Initiative.”

Read all about this and Lichtenstein's sources and legacy, including current fine artists who continue to copy from comics artists such as Brian Bolland, here:

Monday, February 18, 2013

Art influencing life, influencing art...

Abandoned Comics Presents... London CLiNT!
Most of you have probably heard of Mark Millar's "CLiNT" magazine and some of you might remember my previous review on "Abandoned Comics" Mike Lynch, Martin Greene and Anthony O'Neill's "Nestor" comic book. Well in CLiNT 2.6 which came out on Valentines Day, Abandoned Comics very own Mike Lynch and Anthony O'Neill released an amazing 5 page fan comic strip on a real life superhero who calls himself "Clint" due to Mark Millar and his magazines influence, which we learned of in the magazines 2.1 issue.
Based on a true story, set in London present day, this strip follows Clint on his journey to the Titan publishing building aka (Millar tower) where he scaled the 11 story buliding to get a letter to Mark millar in time for print but on the way he runs into trouble when seeing an elderly man being harrassed and mugged in a dark alley way.
Anthony is a huge fan of millar and his magazine, so as soon as he learned of the masked vigilante Clint who is trained in MMA and Parkour, Anthony's mind raced with the idea of bringing this real life superhero back to its comic book routes and turning it into a strip. He then got onto Abandoned comics writer Mike Lynch to take care of the specifics of the sequentials.
Once the story was in place Mike and anthony put all of their main in-house projects on hold, going out on a limb and making the Clint project their main priority. The masterminds behind the piece had absolutely no idea that any of the work they had done would ever see the light of day, but fortunately for them the good people at Titan Magazines recognised the greatness in this very small but imaginative concept. The magazines editors decided that it was such a good piece that they have challenged the rest of the public to try and better Anthony and Mike's effort by sending in your very own CLiNt story.
This little work of art is beautifully illustrated by Anthony and well written by Mike. Its a delightful and uplifting hero piece that presents great mood and it gives you everything you would expect from a short publication. This is a really big deal for Anthony and Mike and the "Small press" Irish comic book scene.
If you haven't got your copy of the magazine you can get a FREE  Pdf download of the comic strip on the Abandoned Comics website or visit the titans magazine website to view the strip for free.
Its well worth checking out, its a brilliant piece and you can't go very wrong with something that's Free!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Suicide Squad Review

Suicide Squad Vol 1: Kicked In The Teeth #1-#7

Running Series

Writer: Adam Glass

Artists: Federico Dallocchio, Clayton Henry, Ransom Getty etc.

Publisher: DC Comics

Full Color

I bought this book simply because it features Harley Quinn, but when I seen all of the changes to her character design and her personality I shone away from the book after reading one issue. Over Christmas I decided to stop judging it before given it a chance so after months and months of putting it off, I finally got around to reading it.

We are introduced to supervillains like King Shark, Deadshot, Voltaic and yo-yo who have all been recruited from prison to do the governments dirty work for them.

The story focuses on Deadshot more than the rest of the suicide squad with him being the team leader which really work’s, he’s a great character and a vicious killer but that’s all we get to see so far, he’s kept really secret.

I found the first couple of issues very slow and dull because they throw in so many different characters at first without giving you the chance to get to know most of them but then the story takes a turn and there is really nice twists thrown in, nothing too big but it’s what made the story pick up for me.

My reasons for not liking Harley at first was because they made her out to be a dumb-ass blonde who doesn’t fit on the team but eventually after a couple of issues we get to see the true dangerous genius that she is, come to life nearer to the end. 

I found the collection of art really nice having so many different artists on board, but I especially liked the heavy blacks by the inker really appealing.

There isn’t much more I can really say about it without giving the whole book away, but for all you who love action and gore with a good story it’s worth the read. I actually quite enjoyed it nearer to the end and I will be buying the next volume but I have to dock it a few marks because they changed Harley way too much for the worst in my opinion and the first couple of issues were slow.

I give it 7/10